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Alternative Provision Service

We appreciate that Schools have their own Sports Departments and sessions, so we developed what would make us different in the Alternative Education Field. Backed by two awarding organisations which are nationally recognized by the qualification regulators for each county of the United Kingdom, namely the NCFE and The British Sports Trust. 

Our modern and spacious facility boasts a clean, safe and warm environment for our students, our staff are trained by the Awarding Organisations and our facility is awarded as an 'Approved Learning Center' for both qualification regulators. Both of which offer nationally recognized qualifications at not only Level 1 Entry Level and above, but also pre-entry level. This makes our programs accessible to all and this also makes them achievable.

We understand attendance is a key factor with most schools, in fact its as important as student development itself. This is why we have a support department to ensure we follow up any student assigned to us to ensure they attend, 'Your' measures become 'Our' measures. Our dedicated team will work closely with your school to ensure we are aligned to your codes of practice and that a level of continuity is supported fully therefore City of Hull Sport & Community Group  will be an extension of your school.