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Our story so far...

We were founded by our current Chairman, Mike Gibbons on the 18th November 2008. We were based out of the Elm Avenue centre, called the Humberside Police Community Centre, Garden Village. Mike set the club up with minimum resources available to him and to be fare dipped into his personal bank account to buy some key pieces of equipment the club needed such as gloves, headguards some kit, along with some help from supporters such as Bob Carver who funded the first bit of competition wear, Richard Cawthorne from Westway Boxing Club donated a bag of gloves and headguards at a time the club had little to nothing.

The rest was made up of what was in the facility already, altough this was never signed over to the boxing club the Trustees of The Garden Village Centre loaned the use of the equipment such as some heavy bags and a 16' boxing ring. The club had a base to start coaching.  Mike's sons were the first two through the door, Ryan (11) a carded boxer that was signed for Hull Saints Boxing Club (another club Mike had co-founded) and Liam (9) who was trying boxing out following in the footpath of big brother. They was soon joined by others and before long the gym was bursting at the seems with 50 plus young people turning up to train.

During this time at Garden Village, Mike brought in some key coaching staff to assist with coaching. Danny Thompson and Bob Beautyman joined Mike and Andy Ali, some established boxers joined the club from other clubs such as Charlie Payton a promising young senior boxer, Alex Sutton another good prospect among others. With a committee already formed with Amanda Ali, Andy Ali, Wendy Gibbons, Mike, Kerry Arnell and Craig Arnell the club was already moving from strength to strength.

In its debut full season the club has its first Senior National Champion in Charlie Payton, and first Schoolboy Yorkshire Champion in Ryan Gibbons, it was this season when the club hit a real problem. The trustees who were responsible for the running of the centre wanted to charge City of Hull Boxing Club a rent of £14,500 per annum, this was well above what the club could afford so plans were made to move the club to its very own premises, it meant that the club had to move North Hull who's area team welcomed the club fully by offering us the 1st Avenue Community Centre, a much smaller facility but still it was ours.

The Humberside Police Community Centre wouldnt allow the club to take the ring or the bags, so practically forced the club into a 'start from scratch' situation. Due to the move some of the boxers chose to join other local clubs as the trip to North Hull was too far, but what we lost in boxers we gained once in 1st Avenue. It was from this base the real story began as the club continued to grow.

We was able to secure some funding which enabled us to be able to buy a 10 foot ring, with some of our own bags and we were good to go, the new home was small it could only house 4 bags either side of the small hall with the small ring on the stage, at least we had everything we needed to operate. In our second season Charlie Payton secured his second National Title and the Schools and Junior boxers were flying too with a bag of Yorkshire titles to add. 

To bolster the club, we had a little change around in our coaching staff with Paul Dolan and Dave Kinsley both experienced former boxers, eventually with the addition of Bill Puckering and Steve Hadley the coaching team was complete. It was clear to all that the club needed a bigger premises and as success kept flowing through with the clubs 3rd National title win with Alex Sutton and yet more young prospects booking their places into the final stages of the National Championships, the club was back on track.

Plans were put in place to source a bigger premises, and a funding bid to Sport England and Hull City Council was tabled, with a former council building identified the plans to have a bigger facility were secured the club was granted £249,000.00 from Sport England and the club then pledged a further £150,000 the building work could start to former council rent office / customer service center on Orchard Park road, our current home. The club had become a Pro/Am club with Charlie Payton, Alex Sutton, Connor Seymour, Danny Little all turning professional and teaming up with Steve Wood (VIP Boxing).

In March 2018 the club moved into its new premises on Orchard Park, this is where the club and its facilities came into their own. Not only a Boxing club, but superb Cafe while upstairs boasts education space. The facility is managed and owned by Not for profit company City of Hull Sport & Community Group CIC and the club now enjoys brilliant space a cracking facility and operates freely as all running costs are absorbed by the organisations that co-occupy the facility. The plan is complete and now the club continues to grow.

Already adding to their National titles with successess from Kelsey Uscroft and Ellie Tennison both winning National Titles and a talented Joshua Naylor winning the clubs first Schools National Title.

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