The group have announced its first roll out of the post Covid lockdown programs, starting with "Outside the Box". The program will open up to 12 places (2 lots of 6) to individuals 18 and over that are not in Employment, Education or Training.

Offering 2 five hour sessions each week for 10 weeks to improve not only the participants employability skills, but increase fitness and their mental health.

The program set to launch the moment Lockdown measures are eased will promote healthy living, taking a proactive and positive approach to promote fitness workouts in the gym lead by a qualified instructor, the sessions will be manageable but challenging before the classroom based theory enables the participants to complete a certified qualification in Employability skills, Group chief Mike Gibbons told us it didnt stop there.

"We aim to team the participants up with actual employers in the city with in chosen sectors to give our particpants not only on the job experience but a real chance to show our working partners their potential, we hope which will lead to jobs for them"

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