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About Us

Founded in 2008

"Build it, and they will come"

Kevin Costner - Field of Dreams


Our Story

We were founded on the 18th November 2008 by our founder Mr Mike Gibbons, who was looking for a place to start training his two sons Ryan aged 11 and Liam aged 10 at the time. Both were interested in boxing and Mike a former amateur boxer himself wanting to help be a part of his sons boxing journey and development in the sport. 

The boxing club itself was formed with in what was formerly known as Humberside Police Boys Club, Elm Avenue, Garden Village, Hull. Its popularity soon grew, Hull City had won promotion to Premier League and not wanting to be accused of joining the 'band wagon' Mike looked for a name that gave the club its identity.

When the Humberside Police Boys Club was originally formed, it was called Hull City Policy Boys Club, so this started the naming process and the City of Hull Boxing Club was decided. 

Over the next 18 months, the club grew to the size of which it needed its own place, a place where it could have access 24/7, and with the existing room hire etc proved financially challenging to the club, it was decided to move the club into a new home on 1st Avenue, North Hull. It was here where the club continued its growth. Producing multiple National Champions, many regional champions and more the club was making a name for itself as a thriving club.

After securing £259,000 of Sport England money the club was able to renovate a run down old Council Customer Service Center and in 2016 moved into its current home. Over all around £400,000 was invested in the current facility that sits in the very heart of Orchard Park.

Today, it is much more that a boxing club, serving the wider community in many different areas, Boxing and Sport, Education and we have an outstanding Bistro too. 

City of Hull Sport & Community Group looks after all the bills and non boxing related programs to free up the boxing club to do what it does best, win titles. We believe despite been one of the youngest clubs in the city we have the potential to be one of the biggest.

Meet The Team

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