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Bob Beautyman

Director of Sport & Education

Our Education program is proving very popular with our students, its based on a 4 hour day learning the theory side to being a good coach as well as a practical side where they both able to demonstrate their learning as well as learn the fundamental side to boxing, the movement, stance, guard as well as defenses. 

Our students are able to experience a real gym atmosphere with the relevant gym equipment and machines to give them and educational experience like no other. We keep the groups quite small which enable us to really focus on our students development.

Course Content

City of Hull Boxing Award Program

Bronze - Silver - Gold Award

In this program learners will enjoy the fundamental learning of how to box to competition level. From how to stand, move, defend and attack. 

Its broken down in easy stages through out the programs to enable the student to learn and develop, there is no written theory work to this program.

Sports Leader Level 1 - 3

Our National Recognised sports coaching qualification is very popular with our students. Through out the programmes they will learn what makes them a good coach and communicator. They will learn how to plan sessions and deal with potential obsticals, so key decision making is coached. Upon completion Students are able to lead their own multi sports sessions and volunteer to help sports teams, clubs etc.

Bolt On Learning

These additional modules enable the student to look closer at themselves, focus on their weakness and fill the gaps with easy to learn modules that will improve their self confidence, self Esteem, decision making and overall impression what others may have of them.

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