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For young people between the age of 10 - 16. You could book a free programme with City of Hull and learn to box.

Funded by the Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner we are offering places as diversion to potential Anti Social Behavior in our area.

About the programme

Using the boxing analogy of twelve rounds, participants will complete circuit style physical activity for twelve, three minute periods across their session. Each session will have a personal development theme which will be focused upon during rest periods that seek to improve well being, stimulate skill development, and educate on the dangers of crime. Developed with potential participants and the police through focus groups, topics will include resilience, confidence, communication, and problem solving as well as diversionary areas such as substance misuse, gangs, relationships and consequences.

Whilst the boxing aspect is the engagement tool, it will empower young people to be physically and mentally fitter and aware of the impact of negative behaviors. Every session will complete with healthy refreshments and a teamwork exercise designed to strengthen bonds and friendships.

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